Sculpt & Tone Group Fitness



This class is ideal for beginning exercisers or anyone looking to balance out their workouts with a low impact but challenging class. 
Each class is a series of lengthening movements followed by a strength exercise to promote long lean muscle. Participants will develop flexibility and tone and build up their muscle endurance. Time to target muscles and get lean and toned!

Come SCULPT & TONE with us on MONDAY nights from 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm !!

Drop-in fee is only $9.00 or you may purchase your own Fitness Punch Card !!

Fitness Punch Card Payment Options
4 punch    $32.00  [ expires in 1 month ]
10 punch    $75.00  [ expires in 3 months ]
20 punch    $140.00  [ expires in 6 months ]

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